Khulan Davaadorj

Founder and Director, Natural Essentials LLC


Khulan is a Mongolian entrepreneur who founded her company, Natural Essentials LLC, in 2014, with the aim to produce natural and healthy products with unique Mongolian raw materials in the most environmentally-friendly way.

In recent decades, a lot of the focus has been on political reforms and natural resource exploitation in Mongolia; there is no single brand or product from the country that is globally recognized, and even within its borders local products are widely seen as low-quality. Khulan wants to change this image. She started Mongolia’s first-ever organic skincare brand, LHAMOUR, with the vision of being a leading role model and proving to people that Mongolia can produce high-quality products. She saw how to incorporate traditional ways into modern forms that can be globally accepted, especially considering the international increase in demand for healthy, organic products. As Mongolia’s first organic skincare entrepreneur, she is working to pave the way for everyone in Mongolia to overturn conventions and start, little by little, to contribute to positive social change and economic growth in Mongolia and Asia.



 Kate Lubenesky and Sarah Kauss, S’well Bottle