Katherine Chinang Williams

CEO and Managing Director, Korrok Technologies Nigeria Ltd.

Jos Plateau, Nigeria

Katherine is the CEO and Managing Director of Korrok Technologies Ltd., a food processing company that offers nutrient-rich products made from locally grown grains, vegetables, nuts and fruit. Korrok Technologies Ltd’s products include their specialty organic teas, honey plus gel, baby formula, Shea beauty products, and pregnant care formula. In crafting their products, they partner with rural farmers to source raw ingredients, as well as offer them services including training, market feedback, and access to quality farm inputs. Recognizing that skills and capacity development are essential in today’s agricultural sector, Korrock Technologies Ltd’s has tailored training packages enabling farmers to achieve optimal crop performance and yield. Additionally, they deploy sustainable information technologies to address the issues of crop diseases and severe weather changes brought on by climate change. These technologies are a part of their Agro-Geo-Spatial services which, in collaboration with a professional service provider, offer farmer’s GIS software and satellite and drone imagery. Given that 40% of produce in Nigeria goes to waste due to poor post-harvest infrastructure, Korrok Technologies LTD has also made it a priority to guarantee an organized and sustainable system of transporting, processing and preserving produce, that ultimately reduces food shortage. Katherine Chinang Williams and Korrok Technologies Ltd are committed to addressing societal problems in Nigeria and offering innovative solutions that improve the livelihoods of farmers, while offering quality, convenient products to their customers. Katherine is the Assistant Coordinator of the Plateau State chapter of the National Shea Product Association of Nigeria (NASPAN) and the secretary to the Technology Incubation Center Jos Plateau State Nigeria Entrepreneurs. She holds a diploma in Metallurgical Engineering from Plateau State Polytechnic Nigeria and has completed a number of entrepreneurship trainings and workshops including the Bank of Industry (BOI) Institutional Capacity Building training, Oxfam’s Work-in-Progress Program at the Enterprise Development Center at Pan-Atlantic University, the German Cooperation’s (GIZ) SEDIN Program’s SME Business Training and Coaching Loop program, the Inspire Africa 2 Day Ignite Summit Workshop on Entrepreneurship, and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and Exxon Mobil’s Road to Growth Program at the Enterprise Development Center at Pan-Atlantic University. Katherine belongs to the National Assocation of Small-Scale Industrialists (NASSI), the Jos Chamber of Commerce and Industries (JOSCIMA), and the African Women Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP). Prior to Korrok Technologies Ltd, Katherine worked as the administration and accounts officer at Bisbah Invent Ltd.

What Katherine hopes to gain from the VV GROW fellowship:
Katherine is excited to connect with fellow women entrepreneurs and learn from their experiences, mistakes and breakthroughs. She is particularly interested in connecting with other fellows in the agro-processing industry and hearing their success stories. 

What Katherine can offer other fellows:
Katherine is happy to share her journey as an entrepreneur and the lessons she’s learned along the way, as well as information on her industry, particularly as it relates to her integration model for farmers. 

Connect with Katherine on Social Media:
LinkedIn (personal): www.linkedin.com/chinangkatherine
Facebook (business): https://www.facebook.com/Korrok-technologies-nig-Ltd-107935514416367
Facebook (personal): www.facebook.com/chinangkatherine