Fitiavana Ramamisoa

Service Strengthening and Institutional Capacity Building Program Manager, Youth First


Fitiavana Ramamisoa is the head of the Service Strengthening and Institutional Capacity Building Program Management department at Youth First, an organization that assists young people to believe in their self-worth and affect change in their lives and their communities. She develops training curricula and various kits to improve interventions targeting youth and human trafficking victims. She also builds the capacity of service providers to deliver high quality, comprehensive services to young people despite their age and gender. Fitiavana manages the International Organization of Migration Partnership that provides psychological support for women victims of human trafficking. The partnership helps women obtain the self-confidence and skills to start small businesses, and supports them as they follow through on their business plans.


Fitiavana was selected in 2014 to join the Young Women Leadership Program of Youth First. After the program, she joined the Youth First Executive Team. In 2016, she participated in the Young African Leadership Initiative Regional Leadership Center Program of the U.S. Government in South Africa. Furthermore, she was part of the Malagasy delegation in Bangladesh that aims to fight gender-based violence toward women and youth. She holds bachelor’s degrees in History, Geography Didactic and Teaching from the ENS Antananarivo.


Fitiavana was selected as a 2018 Global Freedom Exchange Fellow.