David Kangamina

Senior Program Coordinator, Sub Saharan Region, Human Rights, Voices against Violence

David Kangamina is the Senior Program Coordinator, Sub Saharan Region for the Human Rights team at Vital Voices supporting Voice against Violence: The Gender Based Violence Global Initiative. Focusing on Sub-Saharan Africa, He provides urgent assistance to gender-based violence cases in Africa and the entire Program including regional and linguistic expertise.

Prior to joining Vital Voices, David worked as a Program Officer for central and West Africa at Open Doors International. He also worked for several international organizations in different capacities as Legal Advisor, Program Manager, and Analyst where he managed programs related to Child protection and Gender based Violence. A few organizations that David has worked for include Amnesty International, Handicap International, Palms of Help, World Bank, and Medecins Sans Frontieres MSF, CDH….

David is a registered Attorney in The DRC with over 4years of experience of practice and teaching at Universities in the DRC and Kenya. He speaks French, English, Kiswahili, and Lingala. David also holds a Master’s in Public International Law from the University of Lubumbashi in DRC and another Master’s in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from American University, Washington College of Law in Washington DC.

Quote: I am a strong man because a Strong Woman raised me.