Caroline Dunlea

Director Core Optimisation Limited


Caroline is the Director of Core Optimisation Limited, a digital marketing agency focused on delivering online revenue growth for their clients and enabling clients to give their customers a better customer journey that assists with growing their online conversion rate. Core Optimisation specializes in the hospitality and retail sector and has a background in booking engine technology. As they work with multiple hotels that all use different technology partners, they created a set of KPI’s in google analytics that allows them to measure the different stages of the user journey. Core Optimisation focuses very much on results and as a digital marketing agency they take ownership not only over the traffic but also around how that traffic converts into revenue for their clients. Their business currently has 6 product lines, and they operate Paid Search Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Conversion Optimisation, Social Advertising, and Digital Strategy & Consultancy. Paid search advertising is where they advertise in Google or Bing on behalf of their clients Search Engine Optimisation and is where they optimize their clients’ websites to help them with their visibility in google. Conversion Optimisation is where one uses analytics and possibly third party software to understand where there are opportunities to increase engagement and ultimately sales through his or her website. It is minimizing visitors bouncing off websites and making it as easy and user friendly as possibly to complete their desired action on a website. Social Advertising is similar to paid advertising but on social channels, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube. They are innovative in their approach to growing online revenue by taking a more granular look at KPI’s. Their booking technology knowledge in the hospitality industry gives them an edge. In 5 years’ time, Core Optimisation would like to be known as the digital marketing leaders for hospitality in the Ireland and the UK and has had a beginning to penetrate Europe and North America. In the digital world people get caught up in buzz words and the next big thing, whereas Core Optimisation likes to take traditional old school values and knows that what they are applying will yield results rather than satisfying vanity metrics. Thus, staying old school in the digital world is innovative and daring but true to who they are and in keeping with their values. Caroline believes that a business can grow from anywhere with passion, belief and support and her company will continue to grow business with a local, national and international footprint. Caroline has expertise in business development, client relationship management, people management, problem solving, straight talking, strategic planning and achieving results. She holds diplomas in Supervisory Management, Business Skills and Tourism Awareness, as well as a Certificate in Purchasing and Materials Management.

What Caroline hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: Caroline hopes to become a better leader for her business and my peers, as well as to increase the focus and clarity around how we can expand the business. She hopes to increase her comfort level with stepping outside of her comfort zone and to improve her business skills, as well as to broaden her vision for where the business can go and to cement how she can influence that growth and progression. Caroline is also hoping to learn from other women in business how to become a better leader.

What Caroline can offer other fellows: Caroline can offer guidance on what to do to increase visibility and grow your business online through digital marketing, websites and evaluating consumer behavioral trends.

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Caroline was a selected as a 2018 VV GROW Fellow.