Ardita Ramizi Bala

Executive Director | Women Wellness Center - Safe House


Ardita Ramizi Bala has dedicated her career to supporting women and girls find peace and regain confidence after the 1999 Kosovo War. Ardita began working with the the International Rescue Committee (IRC) on gender-based violence prevention during this time and led community-based workshops on post-conflict consequences for women and girls facing extreme forms of violence. In order to better understand the trauma women and girls face post-conflict, Ardita took part in a 3-year training program under Professor Lutz Besser – a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy located in Germany. In 2010, she took lead of the training program while simultaneously earning her Masters Degree in Management and Entrepreneurship. In the past several years, Ardita transferred all the knowledge and skills she gained from Germany back to her community in Kosovo and trained social workers and psychologists on how to better support victims and survivors of sexual violence.