Ana Maria Sanchez Troya

Chocolate Innovator & Founder, BeCocoa

Quito, Ecuador

About Ana Maria:

Ana Maria is the Chocolate Innovator and Founder of BeCocoa, a gourmet chocolate company that aims to be an ambassador of the country’s emblematic local aromas and flavors to reflect the best of Ecuador. BeCocoa promotes Ecuador’s identity through delicacies of the highest quality; from the Shuar community in the Amazon rainforest they source lemongrass, Amazonian cinnamon and mint; from indigenous communities in the Andes they get blackberry, dulce de leche and rose petals; from the Galapagos Islands they obtain coffee and sea salt; and from the Ecuadorian coastline they get passion fruit and tangerine. Their supply and production chains help create jobs while at the same time prioritizing sustainable practices and fair trade. Additionally, BeCocoa supports and employs local vulnerable women who are interested in specializing as chocolatiers and food technicians. They blend exotic flavors that represent each region of the country and produce gourmet chocolate pralines, truffles, enrobed and added value products from more than 100 chocolate profiles.  Ana Maria hopes to bring BeCocoa to the international market with stores in cities worldwide such as New York, San Francisco, Tokyo and Amsterdam. Ana Maria’s areas of expertise include operations, research and development. She holds a European Master Degree in Food Studies and received a Nuffic scholarship from the Dutch Government.


What Ana Maria hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Ana Maria hopes to learn more about sales and marketing as well as how to further build her company with human resources, strategic planning and leadership.


What Ana Maria can offer other fellows:

Ana Maria can offer her experience developing and tasting new products.


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