Ana Cecilia Flores

COO , Webee Corporation

Mountain View, United States

Cecilia Flores is a tech entrepreneur passionate about the social impact of disruptive technologies and innovation. She co-founded Webee in 2013 to increase the efficiency, visibility, and sustainability of industrial operations. Cecilia is the COO and joined the founding team developing the strategy for global expansion. In July 2020 she was named the Best US Enterprise SaaS winner of the Female Founders Competition, a major global competition organized by Microsoft’s M12, Melinda Gates’ Pivotal Venture, and Mayfield Fund. She was also recognized as a 2020 winner in the “Women that Build” Globant Global Awards in the “Game Changer” category in the US and Canada and as “Entrepreneurial Force” winner in La Voz del Interior, an award that recognizes the leaders of the Córdoba, Argentina business ecosystem. Cecilia’s career spans over 15 years in operator roles driving revenue for large multinational businesses.

She in advocate for inclusion and equal opportunities for Women in Technology, an active mentor in Stanford Latino Entrepreneur to help Latino business owners in the United States scale their businesses, a Fellow in Vital Voices VVGROW 2019, and an active member of Vital Voices Network since 2010 bringing Mentoring Walks to life in different cities of the world. Cecilia is a Board Member in We Evolution a non-profit that leads the women’s third revolution and offers her time as a speaker to share her experience to inspire women in STEM and younger generations.

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