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Power to Empower: Laura Liswood on Empathy and Ethics in Leadership

Laura Liswood is the founder and secretary–general of the Council of Women World Leaders – the only organization that unites female heads of state and government to establish a network of resources, a platform for discourse, and a community of high-level women leaders working to tackle the world’s greatest challenges. She is also an international, award-winning speaker who addresses leadership, diversity, and women in politics. A long-time supporter of Vital Voices, Laura is a true inspiration who, through her work, models the importance of fostering community and empathy in leadership models.

In December of 2020, Laura Liswood joined Vital Voices President and CEO, Alyse Nelson, on the Power to Empower Podcast Series to discuss her leadership journey, the lessons that she shares with the leaders of tomorrow, and how she applies ethics and empathy in her leadership style which in turn, empowers others.

In this fascinating discussion with one of the world’s most innovative woman leaders, we hear the story of how Liswood identified the need for an organization specifically for female heads of state and government and a discussion on the incredible efficacy that female heads of state and governments have displayed in their leadership during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Through her eloquent explanations of how women lead differently, we come to understand the tools that all great leaders require to be notable figureheads and how an increase in female leaders worldwide will lead to generational impacts within the realm of women’s equality.

Listen to the episode:

This podcast series is inspired by the Vital Voices: 100 Women Using their Power to Empower – edited by Alyse Nelson with artwork by Gayle Kabaker, foreword by Amanda Gorman and published by Assouline.