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Vital Voices is encouraged by President Joe Biden’s effort to defend women’s reproductive rights by signing an Executive Order protecting access to women’s health care services. The White House says this order will, among other things, safeguard access to abortion and contraception, protect the privacy of patients and their access to information, and promote the safety and security of patients, providers and clinics.

Many Vital Voices staffers are taking action today (as they did last month) in Washington, DC as thousands of  women march to fight for the right to make decisions over their own bodies.

Singer-songwriter and Vital Voices supporter MILCK’s anthem “We Won’t Go Back’’ featuring Ani DiFranco will be on repeat while we regain the right to choose.

Vital Voices believes the reversal of Roe v. Wade is an assault on human rights, human potential, and the dignity of personhood. It strikes at the heart of what it means to live emancipated lives, undermining not just women’s autonomy but their futures – not just our access to care but our freedom to live up to the fullness of our own promise. Its reversal today immediately creates outright bans on abortion in at least 13 states, instantly abolishing the right to choose for millions of American women.

The decision is particularly devastating for already-marginalized groups: low-income families, women living in poverty, migrants, the Black community, Indigenous peoples, and other people of color, who already face barriers to abortion and other healthcare services. Read our full Vital Voices statement here.