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Vital Voices Global Partnership stands with Iranian women and women around the world protesting for and demanding justice for Mahsa Amini. The 22-year-old woman died in police custody after being detained by the government for allegedly violating a law mandating head coverings, or hijab, and strict dress codes for all women in public.

All women have the right to choose for themselves what they wear and do not wear, and how they choose to express their identities and voices freely. We must stand by both women in Iran demanding the right to choose not to wear head coverings -AND-  those demanding the right to choose to wear one all around the world.

“What we are seeing is an example of authoritarian governments and insecure men abusing their power, abusing religion, abusing human rights to control people and suppress voice,” says Vital Voices Fellow Mona Tavassoli.

Vital Voices recognizes  the hijab is not and should not be abused and used as a symbol of oppression.  Today, women of all backgrounds are coming together to demand the collective right to choose– this is a movement for women’s liberation.

As activists around the world mourn Amini’s passing, Vital Voices is mobilizing to call for systematic change in Iran and beyond. Iranian women’s voices are being silenced by an oppressive regime, and it is imperative for those with platforms to elevate their voices on the global stage.

“Around the world, we’re all responsible to stand with the brave women of Iran and their fight for freedom of choice–a fight that encompasses the entirety of life in Iran for both women and men in a country that deserves so much more,’’ added Vital Voices Board Member Dr. Rosita Van Coevorden.


‘’This is about choice and freedom. This is about a women’s right to choose.''

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