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The not-so United States of Abortion

  • You’re 17, raped, pregnant, and now forced to carry the child to term. You leave school, and don’t return.
  • You are a 13-year old girl, raped by her uncle. You started your period only last year — your body isn’t ready to bear a child. You don’t have a choice.
  • You are an adult woman, arrested and charged with “murder” for trying to self-induce an abortion.
  • You are a doctor receiving death threats for helping to save women’s lives. Even your support staff is at risk and experiencing violence.
  • Will young women be forced into being mothers before they are ready or willing to do so? Yes.
  • Will illegal and unsafe abortions increase? Yes.
  • Will maternal mortality increase? Yes.
  • Will women’s economic opportunity decrease? Yes. Will women earn even less? Yes.
  • Will girls’ education be compromised? Yes. Will drop-out rates increase? Yes.