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My values are non-negotiable.

VV GROW Fellow Denise Bermudez isn’t afraid to speak out about what she believes in and is utilizing her voice to make waves in both the business and political space.

As the Founder and Director of AsesoriasDBJ, Denise provides business concierge services to fellow entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide. Working closely with clients Denise helps them to focus on their strengths, take responsibility for their company and effectively delegate- all tools she has honed over the years.

In 2018, however, Denise realized that it was time to move beyond using her voice and took action to advocate for her clients and community. Sparked by the presidential elections in Costa Rica, Denise joined the local political party, Liberal Progresista. Since joining, she has served as a volunteer with the communications team, led projects for the Center of Excellence, and sat on the Board as a Substitute Treasurer and with the ethics committee.

In the same year, while pitching AsesoriasDBJ to a women’s business seminar she discovered her passion for tax culture and launched Cultura Tributaria, a website dedicated to promoting how taxes can positively transform society.

Through Vital Voices, Denise was connected to Apolitical, an organization that brings together those in the political sphere to share learnings. This year she became a fellow of Apolitical’s gender equality program- the Action Coalition Learning Exchange; an opportunity that has allowed her to marry her two passions- tax culture and political activism.

Exploring this synergy, Denise says, “now I know that this crazy idea that taxes can make a positive impact worldwide is more than possible.”

As a 2021 VV GROW Fellow, Denise shares that her eyes have been opened globally, as she connects with women entrepreneurs around the world. Denise first engaged with Vital Voices five years ago, as mentor with the Vital Voices Costa Rica Chapter. On the experience she says;

Vital Voices has been fundamental to my personal growth. Like the shift in perspective that comes with being a mother, becoming a VV mentor offered me with the tools I needed to implement changes in my life.

Denise Bermudez

To all those on a similar journey, she offers this advice, “trust in what you are worth and learn to value yourself for that.” There is no doubt that Denise’s empowering words will continue to serve those around her, as she champions her community as both entrepreneur and political activist.

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