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In Afghanistan, Iran, Ukraine, and worldwide women’s rights are being threatened by war, systemic oppressions and what a growing number of global influencers are plainly calling gender apartheid.
Three women who are vocalizing their concerns about global threats to women’s rights are Iranian actress and activist Nazanin Boniadi, Ukraine’s Olga Kravchenko, cofounder & CEO of Musemio, and Afghan activist and poet Shafiqa Khpalwak . They recently sat down for a frank and honest conversation about the state of women’s rights during these unprecedented times of crisis with Vital Voices President & CEO Alyse Nelson at the Forbes 30/50 Summit in Abu Dhabi on International Women’s Day.

Women’s bodies and souls and minds have become battle fields for these despots and these dictators,” said Boniadi.

In times of crisis, Nelson emphasized the importance of having women in leadership roles.

“[Women] bring solutions, even in the darkest, most difficult days, they find that light and they bring solutions.”

Kravchenko agreed.

“I greatly believe that women have a different leadership style. We lead with empathy. We put people who we are working with, people who we are helping at the forefront of every single conversation.”

The panel closed with a call-to-action for all women of the world.

“If we are claiming that women’s leadership is different, now is the time to show it,” said Khpalwak.

Watch the full panel discussion on our YouTube channel.