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Vital Voices thanks Chelsea Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative for highlighting the mission of our nonprofit’s work to deepen its investment in women leaders on stage at CGI’s 2023 Meeting this week during the UN General Assembly.  

“Alyse Nelson of Vital Voices has been a tireless champion with her organization to do everything that they can possibly dream up to disrupt the status quo, which candidly has never worked for women, to do whatever they can to protect women’s economic, social, and political capital and power,” said Clinton.  


Clinton went on to announce that Vital Voices is committed to deepening its investment in women leaders by officially launching its $100 Million Impact Fund, a fund that Vital Voices is currently fundraising for, to further invest in women leaders who are working to solve the world’s most significant challenges, as outlined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.    

“By 2030, Vital Voices intends to grow its network to 50,000 women leaders who they believe, collectively, will be able to further impact the lives of more than a billion people,” shared Clinton. “And one of the things that I have always admired that has been built into the ethos of Vital Voices—and it’s certainly a part of Alyse’s indefatigable leadership and vision—is to prioritize community over competition,” said Clinton.  

Watch the video on YouTube: Vital Voices Recognized at 2023 Clinton Global Initiative Meeting