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Vital Voices Shines a Light on 2018 Global Leadership Awards Honoree Lina Khalifeh

As the 22nd Annual Global Leadership Awards is upon us, Vital Voices shines a spotlight on one of our empowering past honorees, Lina Khalifeh.

Khalifeh, a 2018 Global Leadership Awards honoree, is the founder and owner of SheFighter, the world’s first women-only self-defense studio in the Middle East. The SheFighter program now exists in 35 countries, training in more than 18,000 women. Khalifeh’s mission is to physically, intellectually, and emotionally empower them through self-defense training.

Khaliefeh established the studio in 2012, striving to advance the idea of empowering women through self-defense.

“By providing women with crucial self-defense skills, we have remained devoted to strengthening their self-assurance, resiliency, and empowerment over the years,” says Khalifeh. “We are excited to announce our upcoming event, the SheFighter Conference on October 26, an empowerment conference designed to showcase and celebrate women’s remarkable strength and achievements. Through dynamic sharing, interactive sessions, and hands-on learning of self-defense techniques, the conference aims to provide a platform where women can come together, learn from each other, and further cultivate their empowerment journey,” says Khalifeh.

Join the Shefighter Conference in Toronto, Canada, where Khalifeh will conduct self-defense training sessions.

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