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Checking in with the brave and inspiring women in our Global Leadership Network. Take a look at what they’re up to:


Fatuma Abdulkadir | Kenya

Former VVLead Fellow, Fatima Abdulkadir, stopped by Vital Voices HQ this month to talk about her work with Horn of Africa Development Initiative. 


Nang Lang Kham | Myanmar

Nang Lang Kham, alumnae of our #FortuneMPW / State Department Partnership Program, is being honored at the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society as joins the ranks of the Rising Talents Initiative!

Dissa Ahdanisa | Indonesia

VVLead Fellow Dissa Ahdanisa’s organization, Fingertalk, was featured in Huffington Post last month as one of the 12 Youth-Led Social Businesses Inspired By Muhammad Yunus.


Agnes Atim Apea, PhD | Uganda

Former 2015 Global Ambassadors Program mentee Agnes Atim Area, PhD, has made BBC’s top 100 inspirational and innovative women of 2017 list. Agnes participated in the program in South Africa, and was mentored by Deb Dugan, CEO of (RED).