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A Global Initiative:

Our efforts to activate and advocate on behalf of our global network are rooted in the belief that in order to advance the causes of women, women themselves must connect with, empower, equip and inspire one another at all levels of society.


Global Mentoring Walks:


Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk in Washington, DC


Vital Voices engages our Global Leadership Network each year through the Global Mentoring Walk, convening established and emerging women leaders to walk together in their communities. As they walk, each established leader guides, advises and supports an emerging leader as they discuss professional challenges and triumphs. Held on the same weekend in countries around the world, the Mentoring Walk activates the power of the Vital Voices Global Leadership Network.

In an effort to increase access to services for survivors, the Voices Against Violence program provides urgent assistance funds to survivors of extreme forms of GBV and harmful traditional practices who do not have access to other support alternatives. Funds are intended to support immediate, short-term needs in the aftermath of extreme GBV including, but not limited to, medical expenses, psychosocial support or counseling, emergency shelter or other safe accommodation, relocation expenses, livelihood and dependent support, and legal assistance. Individual survivors of GBV can request emergency assistance directly or through intermediaries such as civil society organizations, services providers, community or faith-based groups and/or family members.


In 2006, Vital Voices connected seven award-winning female playwrights with seven extraordinary women leaders in our Global Leadership Network. Inspired by their tales of triumph, the playwrights gave voice to these women’s experiences and produced a documentary play, SEVEN. Since its official premiere in 2008, SEVEN has been translated into 27 languages, with over 300 performances staged in 32 countries and counting.

Through the powerful medium of theater, true stories of leadership and courage come to life, illustrating that women in diverse corners of the world are overcoming tremendous odds to advance peace, justice and freedom. The women profiled in SEVEN and their respective playwrights include:

Farida Azizi, Afghanistan | Playwright: Ruth Margraff
Mu Sochua, Cambodia | Playwright: Catherine Filloux
Anabella de Leon, Guatemala | Playwright: Gail Kriegel
Hafsat Abiola, Nigeria |  Playwright: Anna Deavere Smith
Inez McCormack, Northern Ireland |  Playwright: Carol K. Mack
Mukhtar Mai, Pakistan |  Playwright: Susan Yankowitz
Marina Pisklakova-Parker, Russia |  Playwright: Paula Cizmar

To learn more about where to see or to option this inspirational documentary play, please visit the SEVEN play website or visit our Event Page for updates on the 2019-2020 tour. For information on the LA Theatre Works tour of SEVEN, please contact Marc Baylin at