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A message from Mu Sochua

For the next month, I will be walking the campaign trail, registering 36,000 new voters and training youth and women in support of Cambodia’s 2012 elections. Joining me along the way are three of my nation’s future leaders, vibrant young women who are passionate about building democracy and helping our fellow citizens overcome grave injustices.

One of these tremendous challenges is the fight for land here in Cambodia. On a daily basis, and sometimes many times in one day, Cambodian farmers must cross the river to tend to the land that provides sustenance and economic support for their families. The land-mined forest that they cleared ten years ago can be taken from them at any time that the government or those in power decide to “develop” the property. As a result, the evicted farmers are pushed into territories further from their homes and villages and into more dangerous areas. This constant struggle is depicted in a moving presentation that you can view in English or Khmer, and which serves as a reminder of what we are striving to overcome.

Please visit my blog to read further updates that I will continue to post along my journey.