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2018 Mentee

CEO and Owner, PT. Baba Rafi Indonesia


Nilamsari is the Owner and Marketing Director of PT. Baba Rafi Indonesia, which was established in 2003. Also known as Kebab Turki Baba Rafi, her organization already has more than 1,300 outlets throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Brunei, the Philippines and the Netherlands. Additionally, PT. Baba Rafi Indonesia will be opening branches in India in the near future. As of May 2017, Nilamsari is also the owner of Petite Audrey.

Nilamsari also runs Baba Rafi Mentoring, a start-up mentorship organization of the Baba Rafi team that works in the culinary field. She is also in charge of Womenpreneur, which helps survivors of abusive relationships to gain self-confidence and financial independence.

Nilamsari has experience in the fields of entrepreneurship education, franchise business models, restaurant models for food business, women’ s leadership, social empowerment women’ s empowerment, low-budget high-impact marketing, and international franchise expansion. She has written a book called “Womenpreneur,” which describes the growth of her company.

Nilamsari has received significant recognition for her work. She participated as a keynote speaker at the Singapore Human Capital Summit 2011 on “Accelerating Leadership Development in Asia Pacific” and the “Catalyze Your Dream” event hosted by the US Embassy. She was recognized by the Women in Global Business of Australia Awards in 2016 and participated in the Fortune-U.S. Department of State Global Women’ s Mentoring Partnership in 2017.

Nilamsari was selected Fortune- U.S. Department of State Mentee in 2017 and participated in the International Alumnae Component