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Melita Ymeraga

2017 Mentee

Founder and Business Development Manager, Melita & Partners

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Melita serves as Founder and Business Development Manager at her company, Melita & Partners SH.P.K. She also serves as a mentor for women in business at Koplan Consulting Bureau and Community Building Mitrovica. In addition, she provides entrepreneurship training for women in the Competitiveness of the Private Sector in Rural Areas Program at the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit.

Before Melita & Partners, Melita served as the Finance Manager of a USAID-funded Kosovo nongovernmental advocacy project at the Foundation for Democracy Initiatives, the Direct Administration Officer at the Kosovo Privatization Agency, and an Accounting Adviser at the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Kosovo.

Melita graduated from AAB University with a bachelor’ s degree in management and informatics. She is currently pursuing her master’ s degree in business administration at the Department of Staffordshire University, Riinvest College.



Elaine Logue, CS&Co.; Rene Kim, Charles Schwab