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Manjula Dharmalingam

2017 Mentee

Founder and Director, Her Second Innings

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Sandra is a visionary; she’ s modern African woman and promising young lawyer, TV host, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She volunteers her time and resources into campaigning against the disproportionate representation of women at the highest levels of socio-economic and socio-political decision-making establishments.

Guided by a highly principled work ethic, Sandra supported coordination efforts of the Legal Advocacy Foundation, an organization that aims to educate Ghanaians about their legal rights and obligations. She has built relationships and worked with people from all walks of life to create partnerships, solve challenges, and support her clients’ need to make their businesses sustainable.

As an innovative businessperson, Sandra has translated her own practices, goals, and visions into a prosperous business by co-founding SN Media Learning Tree, a top-notch provider of practical media training in Accra.

A firm believer that education is the irreplaceable backbone of any society, Sandra studied international and commercial law with a specialization in world trade at the University of Buckingham (LLB, LLM) from 2005 to 2009. She progressed to finish off at the Ghana School of Law from 2010 to 2012, qualifying with a law certificate and officially becoming a Barrister at Law in February of 2013.


Roxanne Taylor, Accenture