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Khulan Davaadorj

2017 Mentee

Director, Chief Technologist, Natural Essentials LLC

khulan crop

Khulan Davaadorj is a Mongolian social-entrepreneur who founded her company Natural Essentials LLC in 2014, with the aim of producing natural and healthy products with unique Mongolian raw materials in the most environmentally friendly way. Davaadorj started Mongolia’ s first ever organic skincare brand LHAMOUR because of her own skin problems. As a woman business owner, she hopes to help diversify the economy and be a leading role model for the younger generation. She hopes her vision can be shared, and she has seen her philosophy successfully implemented in Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Thailand and Canada.

Khulan wants to show the world that new generation of manufacturers exists and that businesses can create a large positive social impact on any country. LHAMOUR is committed to making a positive social change in Mongolia and around the world through its use of raw materials, employment of marginalized communities, and practice of giving back to communities and the environment.


Kate Lubenesky and Sarah Kauss, S’ well Bottle

Khulan was selected as a Fortune- U.S. Department of State Mentee in 2017 and participated in the International Alumnae Component in 2018.