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Thank you so much for using YOUR power to empower women leaders around the world! Share your donation with your friends on social media.

Download the graphics below to post on your channels.

Be sure to tag @VitalVoices and tell us how you’re using your #powertoEMPOWER! Tag the friends who inspire YOU to act.

You can use one of these captions:

Women lead differently – they use their power to EMPOWER those around them! That’s why I’m proud to support @Vitalvoices and their work with women leaders around the world. Will you join me? Learn more about #VitalVoices today.

I’m proud to support @Vitalvoices and the work they’re doing to amplify women leaders. Vital Voices works with leaders around the world who are using their positions, their platforms and the power they have to empower those around them. I’m inspired to give by XXXXX, XXXXX and XXXXX, who all use their #powertoempower people around them. Who are YOU inspired by?

I’m proud to support @vitalvoices and the work they do supporting women who use their #powertoempower others – just like XYZ. [INSERT YOUR #POWERTOEMPOWER STORY]

Instagram Story Graphics: