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When you make a gift to Vital Voices you are doing more than completing a transaction. You are:

  • changing lives by ensuring we can provide extensive leadership trainings to women leaders across the globe;
  • fostering mentorship by funding our ability to match and connect women leaders with top-level mentors; and
  • empowering innovation by funding our tailored approach to investing in the individuals solving some of the world’s most challenging issues.

How far can your donation go?

Vital Voices champions women leaders around the world. In 2018 alone, we partnered with 1,618 leaders from 103 countries, and our 18,000-person Global Leadership Network is comprised of women leaders from 182 countries and territories around the world.

Growth as Leaders

With an 8% acceptance rate, our competitive signature programs amplify each women leader’s daring vision for change, providing her with the capacity-building, leadership training, network expansion and skills she needs to scale her impact. A shocking 85% of participants in our signature programs reported maintaining or increasing their confidence about their ability to have a positive impact on their community.

Empowering Innovation

Our commitment to the women leaders we work with goes beyond just one program, one time, one year. Our team provides continuous tailored support to women leaders in our Global Leadership Network by forging strategic connections, awarding grants and providing further programmatic offerings. Since our founding in 1997, 10% of program participants have enrolled in two or more of our programs, and in 2018, we awarded over $3 million in grants.


With your help, we can equip more women leaders with the skills, recognition and network they need to scale their work to the next level. Here are just a few examples of how your gift could be used to champion women leaders around the world.

$10 – Raises public awareness on critical issues affecting women and girls

$25 – Fuels our advocacy work on human rights issues

$50 – Helps us connect women leaders from around the world with one another to collaborate and engage in mentoring opportunities, network building and leadership development

$150 – Helps us identify and invest in women leaders throughout the world who defend human rights, strengthen economies and advocate at the highest levels of government

$200 – Helps us provide travel opportunities for women leaders in our global network for high-visibility and speaking opportunities to share lessons of leadership and their bold vision for change

$250 –  Provides extensive leadership training tailored for young women leaders to foster and generate world-changing ideas

$500 – Matches a women business leader to mentors and connect leaders to each other for collaboration

$1,000 –  Provides interactive trainings to encourage a victim-centered approach to fighting violence against women to a global community

$2,500 – Provides tailored training for women political leaders in public policy and effective leadership


This International Day of Charity, how far will YOUR donation go?