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Hellen Lunkuse

Global Leadership Award, 2023

Hellen Lunkuse Waiswa Tanyinga is known as the “mother” of thousands. She advocates for the safety and protection of women and girls, especially survivors of GBV. This nominee is the embodiment of the power of possible.

Focus Areas

Gender-Based Violence

Hellen Lunkuse is a fearless human rights defender who advocates for women, girls, and marginalized communities in Uganda. As the Founder and Executive Director of Rape Hurts Foundation, she leads a team of dedicated activists who support survivors of gender-based violence to pursue justice, recover and rebuild. Her holistic approach to addressing and preventing gender-based violence has reached more than 850,000 people over the last ten years. Hellen connects survivors with emergency services, runs community awareness campaigns about women’s rights, and creates access to education and employment opportunities. A survivor herself, Hellen is a courageous and committed voice for human rights, inclusion, and women’s empowerment.