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Enass Muzamel

Global Leadership Awards, 2023

Enass Muzamel

Focus Areas

Gender Equality & Women's Rights
Gender-Based Violence
Grassroots & Social Reform
Immigrants, Migrants & Refugees

Enass Muzamel is a pro-democracy activist and human rights defender coordinating ongoing crisis response efforts to support women and girls in Sudan. As the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Madaniya, an organization that promotes civic engagement, she was instrumental in the 2019 pro-democracy movement that led to the ousting of Omar al-Bashir. This April, after rival military factions instigated a violent conflict, Enass was forced to evacuate from her home in Khartoum. Even while displaced, she leads critical relief efforts and connects survivors of sexual violence to healthcare, medicine and basic services. In the face of a worsening humanitarian crisis, Enass is calling on the international community to act in solidarity with human rights defenders who want to end the war and build a democratic Sudan.