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Dolls Clan: Suam Fonseca & Mayki Graff

Global Leadership Award, 2020

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Focus Areas

Gender Equality & Women's Rights
Youth & Girls Empowerment

Together, Suam Fonseca and Mayki Graff are Dolls Clan – Honduras’ first group of feminist graffiti artists. Their evocative public murals are a direct challenge to taboo issues like reproductive rights and femicide, which has become a leading cause of death for Honduran women. Based in Tegucigalpa, Dolls Clan chose their name by reclaiming a popular catcall, muñeca (‘doll’ in English), and combining it with a reference to ancient tribes led by women, clan.

“Being women graffiti artists is like a blow to the system in a society permeated by machismo,” says Mayki. “Since we were girls, we were raised with stereotypes of how women should be, what we should and should not do. We break those schemes and we want women around us to empower themselves and achieve the same personal freedom through art.”

Both in their early 20s, Mayki and Suam are determined to transform the culture of fear that they grew up with. They organize awareness-raising programs and graffiti workshops for women and young people throughout Honduras. They’ ve also formed an artist’ s collective to encourage and support other female artists.

In a country where rates of gender-based violence are among the highest in the world, Dolls Clan is leading an unprecedented shift in public consciousness about women’ s rights. Through proudly feminist messages, Suam and Mayki are bringing once-radical positions into the mainstream, boldly advocating for a new era of women’ s empowerment and gender equality.

Dolls Clan were selected as 2020 Global Leadership Awards Honorees.