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Chris Nassetta

Voices of Solidarity, 2017

United States of America

Focus Areas

Human Trafficking

As president and CEO of Hilton, CHRIS NASSETTA is a firm believer in the ability to spread world peace through international trade and travel – a vision that was conceptualized by the company’ s founder, Conrad Hilton, nearly 100 years ago. Since joining Hilton a decade ago, Nassetta has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to do their part to make this world a better place, including by taking a strong position on protecting the most vulnerable among us.

Instead of shying away from the sexual exploitation of women and children – an issue that has an unfortunate presence in the travel and tourism industries – Nassetta has tackled this challenge head-on. He has signed on to the ECPAT Tourism Code of Conduct, one of the first global, multistakeholder initiatives to define the role and obligations of the tourism industry in ending sex trafficking. And as a signatory to the Code, Hilton has demonstrated its leadership in training employees to identify and report possible cases of trafficking or exploitation.

Additionally, in 2013 Nassetta and his team joined forces with Vital Voices to launch The Global Freedom Exchange. This fellowship program provides critical support to women leaders who are at the forefront of antitrafficking efforts in their countries, and offers survivors the opportunity to become leaders in the movement to end trafficking.

A proud father of six daughters, Nassetta is an ardent advocate for equality and empowerment of women and children.