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It’s Day 1 in Ghana, and we have touched down in Accra, the capital, for what promises to be an exciting and productive VV GROW Fellowship training program. The vibrancy of the city is apparent in the steady stream of traffic, the unique sounds and smells, and the welcoming disposition of the people with whom we have come into contact. The lively atmosphere could be said to reflect the recent buzz that has surrounded Ghana as one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, and one cannot help but feel exhilarated by the obvious potential for further growth. 

After months of virtual preparation through online resources and webinars, we are excited to gather and engage with the dynamic VV GROW Africa Fellows over the next four days, encouraging them to network with other fellows and learn from each other’s experiences. “My expectations for VV GROW are that I will learn how to network, do marketing, and build successful team with my employees,” says fellow Juliana Imoowo of Sumptuous Meals Ltd.

The Fellowship has brought together innovative women from across Sub-Saharan Africa who are blazing the trail of commerce and leadership in their respective communities; serving as a driving force behind local economies. Fellows have businesses in agriculture, pharmacy, food services, landscaping, professional services, and much more. They demonstrate a passion for giving back to their communities and empowering those around them to achieve their full potential, and are dedicated to acting as mentors for younger generations. In the past year over two-thirds of the fellows were mentors, 90% had trained others within their business, and over 60% had hired people from vulnerable populations.

“I would like to encourage each and every one of us, as we are busy focusing on our businesses or building our careers, [to] remember to look out for those women who need help either to grow in their careers or those who would like to start their own businesses,” says fellow Jillian Usagi of House Of Chemicals Africa Ltd.

The training in Ghana comes on the heels of two successful VV GROW Fellowship Trainings conducted in Jordan and Nicaragua last month. Stay tuned for updates and profiles on our Africa Fellows and follow the Africa team on Twitter!






Photo: VV GROW Fellow, Marilyn Kamuru of eManage Africa Ltd.