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VVLead Fellow Dr. Kshama Metre welcomed to the Goal Programme, New Delhi

The inaugural VVLead Peer-to-Peer Exchange Program launched on Sunday August 18th, in New Delhi, India. The first global in-person exchange opportunity for the VVLead Fellowship Program, this forum brings together 12 VVLead Fellows from India, Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria. Participating Fellows represent a range of issue areas and expertise, from social entrepreneurship to violence against women to integrated service delivery. 

The four-day intensive program follows a unique model built on the training and the sharing of information, knowledge and resources amongst Fellows. Programming includes Fellow-led technical trainings, working groups and information exchanges, a site visit, and Vital Voices staff-led trainings.

The first day of the program opened with a workshop on storytelling, media engagement strategies and branding. Presented by Vital Voices’ Vice President of Strategic Communications, Margaux Bergen, the training delved deeper into topics covered in the Fellowship’s virtual strategic communications course. Fellows left the session able to communicate their personal mission statement in just one sentence. For example, Kalyani Subramanyam, the National Coordinator of the Naz Foundation (I) Trust Goal Programme, summarized her goal: “I want people to understand the value of investing in girls through sports.”

The program continued with a visit to Kalyani’s program site in Aali Gaon, a rural community in South Delhi. The program uses sports, life skills and education to transform the lives of young disadvantaged girls in Indian communities, and the Delhi site serves girls ages 14 to 18 years old.

VVLead Fellows and Vital Voices staff joined fifty girls in netball exercises and life skills training sessions- a truly memorable experience. As VVLead Fellow Gazalla Amin reflected:

VVLead Fellow Phyllis Mwangi plays netball with Goal Programme Participants

At the start of the Goal Programme in 2006, a minority of participants were enrolled in school. Since then, the profile of participants has changed significantly, and almost all girls are now enrolled in formal education. Driven by her passion for women’s empowerment and sports, Kalyani has been instrumental in rolling out Goal in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, and it was incredible to see her work in action.

Programming over the next two days will highlight the specific skills and expertise each VVLead Fellow brings to the table. By the end of the program, each participant will be equipped with new knowledge, tools, connections and ideas to tackle their personal leadership, organizational or business goals.


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