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Zunaira Omar Saqib

2023 Fellow

CEO, The SquarePeg

Zunaira Omar Saqib

Zunaira Omar is the CEO & co-founder of The SquarePeg, Pakistan’s first Presidential award-winning B2B digital marketing agency. The company aims to bring international best practices with personalization and quality as differentiators. Their services include digital marketing, web development, team training, media production, and PR management. Beyond this, they have devised an inclusive human resources model that provides flexible work opportunities. Their mission is to provide employment opportunities to those individuals, especially women, who cannot work full-time due to a lack of flexible working hours and environments. Their office works on a hybrid model – 2 days in the office and 3 days working from home, as well as supporting some fully remote employees. The SquarePeg’s goal is to provide customized job opportunities and link them to other women and students via their outreach program. Zunaira has a degree in software engineering but pivoted to marketing early on in her career. She recently acquired an Executive MBA degree to supplement her career shift. As a woman in Pakistan, she understands the limitations women face as they are considered the primary caregiver and homemakers. Zunaira’s main aim is to provide women with opportunities that help them achieve a work-life balance. She is looking forward to connecting with peers from around the world and devising actionable plans that can help her to expand The SquarePeg’s impact.

What Zunaira can offer other fellows:

Zunaira can provide other fellows with digital marketing training and help with marketing strategies.


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