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Zoya Ward Issa El Khoury

2020 Fellow

Executive Producer & Director, Zoya Ward Issaelkhoury/My Movies

Zoya Ward Issa El Khoury
Beirut, Lebanon

About Zoya

Zoya is an Executive Producer and Director in the MENA region based in Lebanon. She works with many national TV stations and offers all-encompassing services including creative development, budgeting, casting, recruitment and film execution. She has extensive experience producing and directing corporate documentaries, biographies, reports and advertisements. While many of her productions focus on cultural, political and medical subjects, Zoya’s special areas of interest include documentaries and advertisements that benefit non-profit organizations, specifically those that serve women and children. Her overall career aim is to enhance the lives of others through programs and services that spread awareness, inform and educate. Zoya also serves as Managing Director of Global Lebanese Outstanding Women (GLOW), a social empowerment project that focuses on highlighting the success of Lebanese women in Lebanon and abroad. Zoya attended Saint Joseph University of Beirut where she studied Communication Art and then went on to complete her studies at La Femis School of Cinematography in Paris, France. She also teachs a Live Studio Directing course at Saint Joseph University of Beirut.

What Zoya hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Zoya is looking forward to improving her financial management, strategic planning, and communication skills. She is also eager to meet and gain insight from the fellows from around the world who may provide enriching opinions and perspectives on entrepreneurship and outreach. In addition, she hopes to develop a business plan to grow her business, as she is working on securing funds for the GLOW project she is working on with the Ministry of State in Lebanon.

What Zoya can offer other fellows:

Zoya can share her knowledge and experience with those who need it and can offer her time.

Connect with Zoya on Social Media:

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Instagram (personal): @zoyaissaelkhoury

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Twitter (personal): @zoyaissaelkhoury