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Zoya Lytvyn

2019 Fellow


In 2014 Zoya founded Novopecherska School – a K12 school for 500 kids that became not only place of happiness and modern education for its students, but also a pilot and example for reform of education in Ukraine. The school has its own unique curriculum, combining national standards with international cutting-edge teaching techniques. Experts from countries including Canada, the Netherlands and Great Britain were engaged to create Novopecherska’s educational model that promotes the individual capacity for each child and prepares them for the turbulent and challenging, but also exciting world of tomorrow. In 2015, Novopecherska School entered the list of 100 most innovative schools in the world according to international rating Microsoft Showcase Schools. Novopecherska School is also a great example of public-private partnership when in 2016, upon request by the Ministry of Education in Ukraine, it became a pilot for national educational reform called The New Ukrainian School.

All the operational profit from the Novopecherska School is reinvested into Osvitoria NGO – a non-profit public organization promoting the development and reform of education in Ukraine founded by Zoya in 2013. The aim of the organization is to offer and create learning opportunities for children to the highest standard and to merge the best of Ukrainian teaching with modern international educational techniques and innovations. Osvitoria NGO works with orphanages to ensure that the deprived children have access to quality education and a chance for a successful future. They launched two countrywide projects: iLearn, an online platform that helps to prepare for EIT (External Independent Testing) examinations for admission to universities in Ukraine for free, and the First Profession project, a program for orphans to help them to find their own way in life and employment in the future. First Profession project is supported by leading national and international companies, like Coca-Cola Beverages, Winner Automotive and International Women’s Club of Kyiv. Zoya’s other education projects include an online media training center, which trains and develops teachers from all over the country for free, and she has also launched the Global Teacher Prize award in Ukraine to enhance the prestige of the teaching profession in her country.

After graduating from Kyiv Mohyla Academy with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in 2007, Zoya received her Master’s Degree in Journalism and Management of Educational Institutions. She continued her education by successfully completing a number of short-term programs including at the Ukrainian School of Political Studies and the Leadership Academy for Development at Stanford University. Zoya is also part of the Aspen Institute Kyiv. Additionally, Zoya mentors and supports young leaders in education and women entrepreneurs. Her recognitions and awards include Woman of Year in Ukraine (in Education) prize.


Lytvyn’s business supports the following SDGs:

Goal 4: Quality Education

Goal 10: Reduced Inequality

Goal 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal


“Novopecherska school is an example of the impact of a responsible business. Our goal is to improve life of kids all over Ukraine, not only in our school. So we provide equal access to quality education, as quality of rural and urban education in Ukraine are dramatically unequal.”


Zoya was selected as a 2019 WE Empower Awardee.