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2021 Fellow

Coordinator | Asociación de Apoyo Mutuo entre Mujeres Honduras (APOMUH)


Zoila Argentina Lagos Licona: Born on December 12, 1951, in the city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. My mother was originally from Lenca and my father of African descent, (an origin that he always denied, convinced by the process of miscegenation of which most people in Latin America were victims) however I identify myself as an Afro-descendant woman. I am a nurse by profession. I currently live in the city of Choloma, in the northern part of Honduras, Central America. I come from mixed organizations, as a unionist woman, my first school of sensitization towards the right to organize was in the union movement, as a member of the union of social security workers SITRAIHSS. As time went by, when I learned that it was absolutely necessary to be sensitized to women’s human rights, I started on this path to build myself as a feminist for about 30 years now. I have been in several women’s spaces, supported initiatives of laws in favor of women and supported women’s organizational initiatives in the construction of community feminisms, to contribute to a dignified life for all, as this sexist, patriarchal, violent and capitalist society is mostly made up of us women. I believe that we must continue working for ourselves, and for others, raising our voices to claim and defend our spaces and territories. We must learn to listen to each other and close the gap of the eternal enmity between women. To learn to heal and grow together. To share wisdom, experiences, to support each other in order to transcend.