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Yosha Gupta

2022 Fellow

Founder and CEO of Memeraki

Yosha Gupta

Yosha is the Founder and CEO of MeMeraki, a culture-tech platform that empowers India’s traditional artists to educate masses about folk arts that are on the verge of extinction. Yosha has spent 15+ years in the FinTech sector and worked across Asia (India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar) with organizations like The World Bank Group, Gates Foundation, and Ideo.  She holds a deep interest in traditional and heritage arts and has been a passionate promoter of these arts for over 25 years with 100+ events organized to promote artists and performers. Her previous experience combined with her love for arts has given her an opportunity to safeguard her country’s undocumented artistic heritage, as well as bring capital, awareness, and use of technology to the generational artists working in this field. MeMeraki finds, lists, and trains folk artists to teach their art form via live workshops and pre-recorded masterclasses. They are also a marketplace that have the biggest curated collection of paintings, crafts, and products made by the artists. MeMeraki has helped document and raise awareness about arts, crafts, and handmade techniques that have been slowly disappearing from market memory. Their workshops have been attended by thousands of people, and they currently hold the biggest curated collection of artworks and artisanal products from India and are working towards the mission of enabling master artists and artisans to be digital creators, thereby generating new sustainable livelihoods as well.