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Yasmine Sakr

2019 Fellow

Founder & Creative Director, The Farm Branding and Creative Lab

Beirut, Lebanon

About Yasmine:

Yasmine is the Founder and Creative Director at The Farm Branding and Creative Lab. The Farm is passionate about building brands with true personality and is rooted in collaboration, hard work, and relationships. The Farm’s brands are all about telling stories, taking complex ideas and concepts and turning them into simple, yet memorable designs. As the Founder and Creative Director, Yasmine offers her customers a holistic approach to design and communication. From brand naming, brand strategy, and brand architecture, to custom type design, website and mobile app design and development, to content creation and social media support, Yasmine and The Farm treat their clients as “friends on a creative journey”. This community and collaboration are what makes The Farm Branding and Creative Lab unique and innovative. In 2016, Yasmine created The Submarine coworking space in partnership with The Farm. This space serves as a hub for creativity, innovation, and collaboration aiming to bring people together to form an inclusive community where ideas can be exchanged. The flexibility of The Farm and The Submarine has created a stronger and richer platform for clients and partners to work and create together. The Farm is able to work with small businesses and large corporations alike because of the flexible structure of the team. Ideally, in the next 5 years, Yasmine hopes The Farm can become a more specialized agency and reach more remote clients and creative teams for collaboration. Yasmine is an expert in branding and graphic design and space management; her work focuses on building long term relationships with her clients from the ground up. She holds a BS in Graphic Design from the Lebanese American University in Beirut and a Master’s in Business Design from Domus Academy in Milano focusing on strategic thinking and innovation for businesses.

What Yasmine hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Yasmine hopes to further sharpen her communication skills, including public speaking and presenting to large audiences. She also looks forward to gathering more leadership tools to support her role as Founder and Creative Director as well as working on her marketing strategy and business management plan for the Farm.


What Yasmine can offer other fellows:

Yasmine can offer design and consultancy strategies, team-building skills for long-term professional relationships, and provide advice on how to build respect and belonging within a team to foster unique design communities.

Connect with Yasmine on Social Media:


Facebook Page:

Twitter: @thefarmdesign

Instagram: @thefarmdesign