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Yasmina Benslimane

2024 Fellow

Yasmina Benslimane Photo 1.jpg

Focus Areas

Women's Political Participation
Youth & Girls Empowerment

Yasmina Benslimane is founder of Politics4Her, a non-profit dedicated to increasing political participation and representation for young women and girls from global majority countries. Her focus areas include climate justice, forced migration, gender-based violence, and peacebuilding.

Benslimane is an award-winning feminist activist, consultant, and women’s empowerment coach with a decade of experience collaborating with diverse stakeholders. She has been recognized internationally for her impactful work, including being featured on media platforms like HuffPost, Al Jazeera, and BBC. She has also been recognized as one of the BBC’s 100 Most Influential and Inspiring Women of 2023, Forbes 30 Under 30, and Top 100 Under 40 Most Influential People of African Descent 2024.

“As a visionary leader, I strive to uplift young women and girls from Global Majority countries to become agents of change in their communities, advocating for gender equality and social justice.”