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Yashika Sharma

2022 Fellow

Rise Up! Young Woman Project Lead at YWCA of India

Yashika Sharma

Yashika is a passionate social worker, facilitator, and an educator by profession. In her professional roles, she has worked with diverse groups and communities.

She believes in creating safe spaces that enable inclusive platforms for young people. She has contributed to developing programs that create transformative experiences for women leaders across different age groups. As a theatre artist, she is motivated to work on art-based programs involving creative techniques for community engagement and digital advocacy.

Yashika has a value-based approach to leadership and continues to engage people through values of empathy, co-creation, sensitization, and non-violent communication. She keeps a positive outlook towards life and believes in the magic of eye contact, smiles, and kindness. She loves interacting through storytelling, music, and travel experiences.