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Yannia Vanessa De León Visuetti

2019 Fellow


Yannia Vanessa De León Visuetti is a participant in the 2019 Voces que Inspiran.

Yannia Vanessa is 20 years old and currently enrolled in the fourth year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Music program at Panama University. She loves music because it helped her through the most challenging moments of her life. In addition to her love for music, she also loves to sing. She participates in several choirs, including four church choirs, as well as one children’s choir that she directs, formed a year ago.

In 2017, she auditioned and was selected for the Papal Choir at World Youth Day. She rehearsed for a year and sang to the Pope from January 14-27, during his visit to Panama.

Yannia strives to learn each and every day and has taken courses on vocal technique, harmony, and learning methodology. She loves reading books on a range of topics, from music to quantum physics. Since last year, she has been sharing her ideas and thoughts on social media, which has been one of her greatest dreams since she was a child. She loves meditating because it centers her and allows her to find herself. She also loves doing yoga, an activity where she finds relief from her everyday aches and pains, as well as the peace she lacks when she feels stressed.


Yannia was selected as a participant in the 2019 Voces Que Inspiran.