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Cherrelle Druppers

2024 Fellow


Focus Areas

Grassroots & Social Reform

With over eight years of experience in international development, education, and the arts, Cherrelle Druppers co-founded and led ChezaCheza, a pioneering community-based arts and health intervention. At ChezaCheza, Druppers utilized the power of dance as a medium to instill confidence, foster well-being, and alleviate stress among young minds.

As the Director of ChezaCheza, Druppers is responsible for strategic leadership, program development, and partnership building. She oversees the implementation of the dance therapy curriculum, which is spread by identifying and training local youths to become community-based dance coaches who facilitate weekly sessions that foster coping skills, self-confidence, and joy among participants.

“As a visionary leader, I imagine a world where every child can realize their full potential in a safe place with joy, creativity, and arts.”