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Vo Quoc Thao Nguyen

2024 Fellow

CEO, GreenJoy, Vietnam

Vo the Founder and CEO of GreenJoy, where she leads the company’s strategic direction, product development, and stakeholder partnerships in sectors such as HoReCa, F&B, governments, NGOs, and sustainability associations. Her focus is on innovating grass-based technology and ensuring the operations are sustainable and impactful.

Green Joy is a pioneering enterprise using grass-based technology to create eco-friendly products like straws, utensils, handicrafts, and pellets. The mission is to offer sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics, reducing waste and pollution, uplifting disadvantaged communities, and promoting environmental conservation.

Green Joy’s work supports several UN SDGs 12, 13, 8 and 5. They have eliminated 50 million plastic straws, reducing 250 tons of plastic waste and avoiding 100 tons of CO2 emissions. They also preserve 100 hectares of natural grass, crucial for sarus cranes. Socially, they have improved the lives of over 100 farmers and local women in the Mekong Delta by providing stable jobs and tripling their income.

Creating GreenJoy and leading it to the forefront of sustainable products is a significant achievement for Vo. She has received the International Innovator Award and several grants for social impact projects, underscoring her commitment to sustainability and innovation.

She is ultimately driven by a passion for sustainability and a commitment to making the world better, inspiring others to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles. Vo holds an MBA and a Master in Management from the EU, with a strong foundation in banking and experience in sustainability projects.