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Viriya Lim

2020 Fellow

Shareholder & Marketing Manager, LM Lima Angkor Food Co., Ltd.

Viriya Lim
Siem Reap, Cambodia

Viriya is a Shareholder and Marketing Manager for LM Lima Angkor Food Co, Ltd, a Cambodian company that produces a variety of snack foods. Her company manufactures traditional snack foods for the international tourism market, providing travelers to Cambodia with traditional food souvenirs to bring home. Her products include cookies and chocolates in flavors such as sesame, coconut, durian, cashew, mango and ginger. She also manufactures Num Thorng Moun, traditional crunchy rolls in coconut, durian, cashew and sesame flavors. Beyond snacks, LM Lima Angkor Food also manufactures beverages such as rice spirits, coffee wine, yam wine and banana wine. Through her business, Viriya trains and provides economic opportunities for low-income women in her home province that produce packaging for LM Lima Angkor Food’s products showcasing local cultural designs. LM Lima Angkor Food has also worked to revitalize the reputation and consumption of the traditional Rice Spirit. Due to these efforts, this product is once again becoming a popular drink in Cambodia.

Viriya holds an MBA in General Management from Charles Sturt University and a BBA in General Management from the Cambodian National Institute of Management. She is also a Senior Lecturer at Build Bright University and a Soft Skills Trainer for Learning for Success Institute. She is also the Chairwoman of PR and Media Committee for the Cambodia Women Entrepreneurs Association, as well as a professional poet, author, and script writer in the Khmer Writers Association.