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Veronica Sabbag

2021 Fellow

Founder & Chair, United Voices 4 Peace


Veronica Sabbag is the Founder and Chair of United Voices 4 Peace. She is also a global citizen with a multicultural background, a life-long international experience and a passion for music. She served the European Union in different positions for over 20 years, including in the EU Mission to the United Nations in New York forging her experience in conflict management, defense and security. In this context, she has dealt with some of the most challenging global conflicts.

Understanding the need to resolve today’s major challenges beyond traditional diplomatic tools, she decided to found the NGO “United Voices 4 Peace” fostering a Universal Culture of Peace through Music and the Arts. With this cultural diplomacy initiative promoting diverse forms of inter-cultural exchanges, Veronica has facilitated the realization of collaborative artistic projects advocating for diversity and inclusion. Some of her most successful projects are: “Women professionals in the music industry” empowering women in the music sector and “Together in Solidarity” raising awareness on the humanitarian crisis in Syria and the integration of refugees.

Veronica holds a Degree in Law from the University of La Sorbonne a Master’s Degree in European Studies from l’Université Libre de Bruxelles and a Certificate on Cultural Diplomacy from the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy.