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Vera Brenner

2024 Fellow

Director of Sports and Recreational Parks - Ministry of Culture and Sports

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Vera Brenner is the Director of Recreational Parks and Sports in Guatemala. Her goal is to exact societal change through her insight in physical activities and she strives to be a positive influence in people´s lives. She works directly with young and underprivilege individuals and promotes a healthy environment to help them stay away from violence.

She is part of Guatemala´s Ministry of Culture and Sports, which is in charge of ensuring that residents have safe and free spaces to develop their wellbeing. The Ministry aids in reaching the following sustainable development goals: Health and well-being, Gender equality, Reduction of inequalities, and Alliances to achieve objectives.

Being a woman with a physical disability (a lower limp amputation) has never limited her. Personally, and professionally, she strives to open spaces for her and other women in similar conditions, trying to reduce discrimination and enable their development. The inequality for women in Guatemala is abysmal, and if any type of disability is added to that, it becomes almost impossible, however, Vera believes that with joint action and a positive attitude, great changes can be achieved.

She has a background working as an Industrial Engineer with a Masters in Quality Management.

“You inspire people, be careful with your actions… because that changes the world”