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Valeriya Ionan

2024 Fellow

Deputy Minister - Ministry of Digital Transformation

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Valeriya Ionan is the Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and a key woman leader in Ukraine’s GovTech evolution. She joined the newly established Ministry in 2019 at age 28; at that time, she was the youngest Deputy Minister in the Ukrainian Government, aligning with the mission of the MDT to transform Ukraine into the most convenient digital country in the world. Since then, Ukraine has undergone a substantial digital transformation, introducing the world’s first fully digital passport, a number of efficient digital reforms, including the development of Diia ecosystem that has achieved global respect. Ukraine has been called “European Digital Transformation Tiger” for its innovative approach and commitment to becoming the world’s most user-friendly digital state, even during a full-scale Russian invasion.

Valeriya has been instrumental in developing the Diia Ecosystem, which includes 6 projects, including 2 under her direct leadership – Diia.Education and Diia.Business, which significantly impact digital literacy and entrepreneurship across Ukraine. In the Ministry of Digital Transformation, she oversees the national program on the development of digital literacy and Diia.Education, supporting the development of SMEs & entrepreneurship with Diia.Business, and coordinating regional digital transformation in Ukraine.

Valeriya leads European integration and international relations efforts within the Ministry, coordinating the digital section of Ukraine’s EU candidate status. Valeriya is also actively engaged in digital diplomacy and is one of the big promoters of the Ukrainian Digital and Innovation brand. In 2023, Valeriya also became responsible for the direction of innovations. She also coordinates the national Future Perfect language program to promote the learning of English among Ukrainian citizens.

Valeriya also oversees the CDTO Campus, preparing future digital leaders for public service and is advancing the Ukrainian Global Innovation Vision and Strategy 2030 (WinWin).

Before joining the Government, Valeriya was an entrepreneur. She holds two bachelor’s degrees in Management and Spanish Translation and several certificates from the Edinburgh Business School Eastern Europe MBA program.