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Tuduetso Mokgosi

2023 Fellow

Managing Director and Lead Strategist, People and Gap

Tuduetso Mokgosi Resized

Tuduetso Mokgosi is the founder and managing director of People and Gap. People and Gap is dedicated to transforming businesses to become more impactful by providing them with insights that inform their decision-making processes for greater brand relevance and innovation. Their services include insights, strategy development, and community engagement. Through their work, they impact communities by crafting brand strategies that consider community needs and economic growth objectives. Because they know that it’s through understanding what drives people that a business can thrive, they emphasize developing strategies that empower people, to ensure the community develops as the business grows too. After all, it’s a good thing to see communities develop because of your business. Through this, People and Gap is upholding SDG 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth. To date, their most notable work is as a consultant on Botswana’s national brand strategy development team. The strategy aims to boost Botswana’s trade capacity and subsequently promote industry growth and create employment. The chance to make an impact through People and Gap is what drives Tuduetso; knowing that it is through the work they do that people and communities can achieve greatness. Having attained a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and a Master’s in Research and Public Policy, Tuduestso’s educational foundation has been an influence in the direction her business has taken. She is a strong believer in the saying that, ‘to get something different, you must do something different’, and through insights, she has seen the truth in that.

What Tuduetso can offer other fellows:

Tuduetso can share People and Gap’s advisory services on how to gain insights to better inform the development of their business service/products or to continuously improve them to ensure relevance and uptake by current clients.

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