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Trinidad Furche Rosse

2022 Fellow

Innovation Leader


Trinidad Furche Rosse is an Innovation Leader in the Municipality of Ñuñoa. Born and raised in Santiago de Chile, from 2010 until 2017 she was a volunteer in a foundation focused on overcoming poverty and building decent housing, called “Techo-Chile”. There she worked with communities developing empowerment in people to face the challenges of today’s society, such as education, work or health. In 2014, she started studying industrial design as a way to have a direct impact on people’s lives and their relationship with space, such as classrooms, houses or public transport.

Her sense for public service led her to work in the State as a new alternative to bring governments closer to citizens in a friendly and clear way, allowing a transformation in the State. In 2018, she started working in municipalities leading areas of public innovation seeking to train public functionaries to improve their work management, professional development and the services they deliver to the community. Since 2021 she has also been studying for a master’s degree in government at the University of Buenos Aires.