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Trias Setiawati

2018 Fellow

Leader, Economy and Workforce Divison, Aisyiyah Muhammadiyah

Trias is the leader of the Economy and Workforce Division of ‚ÄòAisyiyah, the women’s branch of Muhammadiyah, one of the largest Islamic non-governmental organizations in Indonesia. She was inspired to join this work by friends who were activists in ‘Aisyiyah and researchers in Muhammadiyah. Trias joined Nasyiatul ‘Aisyiyah Central Board (the Young Women Organization of ‘Aisyiyah) in 1988 as a member of the Information Department. She has previously served as Vice Chairman covering various departments such as Economics, Information, Research and Development, and Foreign Relations. She became a Chairman in 2000, and, after completing her leadership in Nasyiatul ‚ÄòAisyiyah, joined the ‚ÄòAisyiyah Central Board. She subsequently became a Vice Secretary on the Central Board that oversees 34 Provincial Boards, including some special branches in various countries.

She currently leads the Economy and Workforce department, specifically focusing on small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurship. She is working on increasing the number of female entrepreneurs among ‘Aisyiyah members, helping their businesses become sustainable enterprises through training and mentoring, and improving their confidence as business owners. Trias has also been a Lecturer of Human Resources Management in the Economics Department at Universitas Islam Indonesia since 1988.


She was selected as a Fellow for the first VV Engage Cohort.