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Tolulope Makinwa

2023 Fellow

VV Visionaries

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Focus Areas

Economic Empowerment
Governance & Policy Reform
Social Entrepreneurship

Tolulope Makinwa is the founder and chief operating officer at Muazu Africa, a platform designed to connect African social enterprises to market opportunities, shared networks, and exposure. With close to a decade of experience in creating impact across Anglophone and Francophone countries, Makinwa believes that in Africa, where millions of young people are excluded from basic amenities, social entrepreneurship charts a path to self-sufficiency by strengthening all the elements that help improve access to work and economic growth. Therefore, her commitment to developing Africa’s social economy by creating market and impact opportunities, inclusive of the base of the pyramid population, remains unwavering.

“As a visionary leader, I will continually work in uncharted territory so others don’t have to waste ample time clearing the path.”